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noverms1 This combination of herbs includes Echinacea angustifolia root. Echinacea angustifolia is well known for its blood purifying and antiseptic qualities, it is very valuable for correcting autoinfection, it heals infected skin wounds, it is excellent where the healing or repair power is poor, it is also useful as an appetite stimulant and greatly ` improves digestion. The Sioux Native American Indians used the freshly scraped root as a successful antidote for snake bites and hydrophobia. But it is the root that contains the medicinal properties not the flower, which so many other companies use. This exceptional plant is then combined with other herbs equally as potent if not as well known, which is why we have had the excellent results and so may satisfied customers. Very useful to have in the first aid box.

Usage: 1 measure in the feed twice a day for six days.

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An overview is basically a 2 yr old gelding got an infection in a fore fetlock and tendon sheath that didn't respond to antibiotics - 2 x long courses of special ones too! In mid-December he was given only 3% chance of survival with less chance of being sound let alone competing as a well-bred show jumper. After 2 tubs of AntiB combined with distant bioresonance treatment and remedies he is completely sound. The regular vets are amazed and had asked when he had been shot as they weren't expecting a recovery. The infection burst out a couple of time and manuka honey was used topically and within a poultice. I have no doubt that the AntiB provided the necessary stimulation to the immune system to help the body cope with the infection and prevented any spread of infection to other joints.

Roger Meacock MRCVS

We have been using Ellen's herbal products for our horses with great success and, when we needed help with one of our many tamed farm cats [ probably over twenty at the last count!], we asked you for help, after the vet told us the best thing would be to put her to sleep - no way! She had an upper respiratory infection, exacerbated by losing a canine tooth. Even though we had a course of anti-biotics for her, she still had an awful discharge from the nose, after the course. So we tried Ellen's Anti-B for ten days and the discharge completely disappeared. She has gradually picked up and is now trotting around the yard, with a new lease of life [ she must be quite an old cat, as we have been here nine years and she looked like a grandmother, when we arrived here!]. Her coat is looking much healthier as well!

Once again Ellen's herbal products have really worked. It definitely was not time for her to go!

Also I would like to say how good the Herbal Bute capsules are for dogs. We have an eight year old German Shepherd, who has hip problems and since being on them, is skipping around the garden again!

Thanks again for your help. >
Jenny Curtis

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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