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Kidney Herbs

noverms1 A natural way to ensure the vital cleansing and filtering function of healthy kidneys.

Approximately 80% of the horse's body is liquid, and much of this fluid must be pumped and filtered through the urinary system. By feeding processed food and often too much protein, etc., the kidneys can become overloaded and this in turn can affect the horse in many ways.

According to the scientific literature,'tie-ing up' is a typical result of poor kidney function, as are stocking-up (filled legs), spots (or nettle rash as this condition is often referred to), low energy levels, fading at the end of races and, last but not least, the 'cold back syndrome' which usually starts with a mild discomfort in the kidney/loin region which then causes muscle spasm and the 'bad back'.

The combination of herbs in the Kidney formula includes Uva Ursi and other herbs with diuretic properties, nerviness to aid the muscles to relax and demulcents to help soothe the inflamed tissues. The product helps to tone and flush the kidneys and expel any build-up of lactic acid.

Usage: 1 measure in the feed twice a day One tub lasts for 4-6 weeks.

To purchase our products PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE www.collinsonherbs.com to obtain products (offering more payment options) and information. email: collinsonherbs18@gmail.com

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"...Dear Ellen. I just wanted to tell you that Squirrel is a different pony since he has been on the kidney herbs and we are all delighted, but feel awful that he could have been in such discomfort for so long. He has since had an outing to a local show where he jumped 2’3” & 2’9” without batting an eyelid or rushing. Many, many thanks for your help and advice..."

Lucy Wolley-Dod. London

"...We also have cause for celebration, as once again Ellen's Kidney Herbs have proved to be invaluable in helping Suzie, our 17 hand event horse, who had been written off by the vet, as lazy and we should get after her with a bigger crop and put on bigger spurs. She just did not want to go forward and would just run out of energy. We finally asked Ellen to visit the yard in December and in using iridology,she could determine that Suzie had a lot wrong with her. We used Blood Detox Herbs and the Kidney Herbs with excellent results, Suzie actually could move forward! As soon as she started to look stilted and crabby behind, we started her on another course of Kidney Herbs and now she is flying! After her first dressage lesson this year, she is like a different horse, we never knew she could go so well. Once again Ellen's herbs have really worked, if only we had used them years ago!"

Jenny Curtis

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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