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Circulation tonic (Laminade)

noverms1 Laminitis is a dreaded condition for many horse owners. It can be caused by overfeeding, too much lush grass at once or by stress caused by trauma elsewhere.

This product contains herbs that are specifically to aid circulation, we have had excellent results with horses and ponies suffering from laminitis, one pony in Ireland was on the point of being put down due to laminitis, 2 bottles of Circulation tonic and it is now fully recovered and competing. (It is very important when treating laminitis that the diet is simple and no processed food) Another tip for laminitis is to go and buy old fashioned washing soda, dilute in warm water and then soak the feet in buckets of this solution daily, this will help to remove the heat and alleviate the pain. In the absence of washing soda Epsom salts will make a good substitute.

Usage: 30ml twice per day for horses. 20ml twice per day for ponies. Can be mixed into feed or given orally by syringe.

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"Unfortunately last september, one of our shetland ponies was extremely poorly, at first we thought it was another bout of laminitis but we soon realised that it was a lot more serious.Her left shoulder kept on clicking and then dislocating and she was finding it extremely difficult to move forward. The vet put her on a long course of bute but this did not really alleviate the pain and discomfort she was in. I talked to Ellen about the pony's problems, especially as her health was deteriorating with exceptionally cold weather in December and Ellen suggested we try her Circulation Tonic. We have never seen such a vast improvement in her condtion in just five days - unbelievable! Our pony started trotting out to the paddock, on the concrete yard, where before she could hardly move. She was so much happier - trotting around the paddock and then cantering and bucking as well! The Tonic has given her a new lease of life."

Jenny Curtis

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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