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o What is Iridology
o Online eye assessment
o Iridology course
o Qualified Iridologists
o NEW! Sarcoid Tincture
o Mare corrective
o NoVerms
o Anti-B
o Blood Tonic
o Herbal Repair & Builder
o Liver Herbs
o Kidney Herbs
o Digestive Bitters
o Circulation tonic
o Settle
o Relaxer
o Ulserban
o Untye
o Special B Respiratory
o Respiratory
o RepelIt
o Liver Fluke. The Myth and the Facts
o The importance of the Liver
o Winter care
o Protein and performance
o Oat Diet
o Minerals and the Herbs Rich in Them
o Herbs for Horses
o How to help retain peak fitness over a long season
o Is there room in the modern day training yard for old fashioned methods?
o The Truth about Worms in Horses - the whole story


o On sale! Ellen's children's book Tiny Tim
o On sale! Ellen's book on Iridology
o On sale! Ellen's book on Herbs and Old Fashioned Remedies

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