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Mare Corrective

noverms1 A lot of behavioural problems in mares and fillies can be traced to the reproductive system. Any problems in this area can result in, among other things, pain, temper, nervous tension and a major loss of performance. The Mare Corrective Herbs can turn a 'difficult' mare or filly into a completely different individual once they are comfortable and relaxed.

This combination of herbs helps to tone and balance the entire female reproductive system. The herbs are rich in natural hormone precursors which help to maintain a good level of oestrogen: they are especially beneficial to mares that are so called 'moody mares' or difficult breeders.

Usually one course lasting 6 weeks is sufficient to iron out most problems. However, if a broodmare has been barren for several years, then a 12 - 18 week course may be necessary.

The results from the use of the Mare Corrective Herbs have been excellent, with improved fertility, long term barren mares going in foal and settling of highly strung and hormonal fillies going into training.

Usage: 1 rounded measure in the feed twice a day. 500g tub lasts one mare 4 - 6 weeks

To purchase our products PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE www.collinsonherbs.com to obtain products (offering more payment options) and information. email: collinsonherbs18@gmail.com

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"...Dear Ellen, I felt I must write to thank you for the help you and your products have been in helping one of our mares to firstly conceive and then carry to full term and produce a beautiful filly foal. The story started in 2004 when this particular mare foaled in March and was sent to be covered by a stallion in England, was covered 3 times, scanned in foal at 14 days but not in foal at 30 days and was dirty when examined. She came home and was treated by vets with a series of tests and procedures to put her ready for the following spring to be covered. This time she went to Ireland, she was covered on no fewer than 4 occasions and the same thing happened as the previous year, the vets bills were extensive but the results the same. She returned home and we had our vet go through her with a fine toothcomb and even consulted a prominent Professor from Newmarket. We carried out all suggestions and readied her for the 2006 covering season. We sent her to a stud in the Midlands where she performed in the same way, a prominent equine reproduction veterinary surgeon got involved at this stage and threw the book at her, but really only carrying out the same procedures as before. Twice she showed in foal at 14 days but at the 30 days the mare was empty.

It was at this stage I saw your advert in the Racing Post for problem mares. We called you and gave you the details and you sent us your Mare Corrective herbs, we fed them until she was covered and for 14 days until she was scanned, then we put her onto your Full Term, which she stayed on throughout her pregnancy until delivering a filly foal this May. This year we gave her the mare corrective herbs for 7 days and she was covered on her foaling heat, we also put our other mares on the herbs and all mares are scanned in foal. We spent over £6,000 on vets bills trying to get this mare in foal and with your products we spent £240 and we have 4 mares in foal and a foal at foot. I cannot speak highly enough of your products. Thanks again..."

Debbie Hughes, Pantybrad. Tonyrefail. Wales

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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