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Sofia's Testimonial
"Ellen Collinson's Equine Iridology - my response in a word having just finished reading this book is "wow". I was blown away by literally every snipet of hugely insightful information in there - I really commend Ellen for the book's incredible content, as well as how succinctly it is written. Literally every sentence in the book has its place - there is no padding whatsoever. It is start to finish wall to wall mind-blowing information on a topic that every horse owner needs to know about. An absolute triumph in my opinion! "

Ellen's book on Iridology

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This book gives a concise, detailed and well illustrated insight into the science of Equine Iridology, which was taught to a pioneer in the field, Syd Mercer, by a Stoke-on-Trent veterinarian called Stephenson, during the first World War. Iridology on humans has been practised successfully since the Ancient Egyptians and is well documented. It is taught in the medical schools in Russia and in the University Paris Nord and is used internationally as a scientific diagnostic tool.

This book is based on years of detailed research and study into Equine Iridology by its author, who is well known as an outstanding iridologist herself as well as a teacher of the science.

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