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noverms1 Originally marketed as Parasite Out, this parasite repellent has undergone years of trials with outstanding results. In many cases it has outperformed so called 'conventional' wormers.

It is a fact that there are herbs that are classed as vermifuge (herbal agent that will cause the expulsion of worms from the body) and there are herbs classed as vermicide(herbal agent that destroys worms within the body). This combination contains herbs that aid the body to cleanse, and demulcents to help soothe the mucous membranes, thus causing no discomfort.

It also contains herbs that help to condition, so this formula is an excellent conditioning powder as well as being an excellent parasite repellent. As it is herbal it is not hard on the system.

We are unable to describe this product as a "herbal wormer" due to guidelines laid down by the Veterinary Medical Directive (VMD). To use the word wormer it would mean that the product would have to undergo registration costings several tens of thousands of pounds.

NoVerms is the number one choice as an alternative to using chemical wormers -


Usage: 1 rounded measure twice a day in the feed for 5 days (once a day for ponies 360g tub will be sufficient for 3 horses or 6 ponies.

To purchase our products PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE www.collinsonherbs.com to obtain products (offering more payment options) and information. email: collinsonherbs18@gmail.com

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"Having used veterinary wormers of various brands over many years, I decided to give Noverms a try early in 2009. I run a small livery yard and have as many as 12 horses and ponies of my own in addition to 7 DIY liveries,on a 6 hectare farm. I have a policy that all animals on the property have to be wormed at the same time according to a programme. In order to keep to my programme, all our horses and ponies were wormed with Noverms over a 3 day period in spring of this year.Some of my clients were sceptical of the effectiveness of a herbal wormer but I felt that everyone had to take part in order to monitor the effects. All the animals accepted their dose of wormer without any problems and showed no ill effects. One of the client horses tested a few weeks later showed a high worm count. This concerned me so I telephoned the Ellen Collinson team and was advised that this was normal after the first worming and that the worms in the sample would be unable to reproduce and that the count was high because the herbs had thoroughlycleared the worms out of the animal's system. To reassure my client, we then administered another course of Noverms (there is no risk in this as the herbs cannot be overdosed) A subsequent test showed no infestation.

My own yearling recently suffered severe colic which was treated in the usual way by my regular vet. She was of the opinion that he might have worms as he had been treated only with Noverms so we allowed her to take another sample for testing and guess what - Zero! Result - one sceptical vet. very surprised and now not such a sceptic!"

Janine Bradbury

"...We have been very satisfied with the herbal worming. We carry out regular worm counts and using the herbal wormer has meant that we have only had to worm twice a year..."

Mrs J S MacGregor. MBE, Chairman of the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies

"...I have been using Ellen Collinson’s wonderfully effective NoVerms since she started marketing it, it is truly exciting to be able to remove all parasites without having to resort to chemicals, and to have NO build up of resistance..."

Julia Raikes of Polite Dressage Horses in Tichborne, Hampshire.

"...Dear Ellen, Please find enclosed a copy of both my horses worm count records, I have been using NoVerms for over 18 months and as you will see from the Vets report both horses are nil. My vet was so impressed he rang to ask what I had been using. Thank you so much and good luck..."

Jennifer Blenkiron, Chillington Farm, Codsall Wood, Wolverhampton.

"...Having recently used your product I felt that I had to contact you concerning the use on goats, even though I found it through an equine source. I have had a keen interest in herbal medicine over many years so had to give it a try!
I can enthusiastically recommend the use of NoVerms on goats..."

Linda Beaney, Hollypark Organics, East Sussex.

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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