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Relaxer Herbs

noverms1 Many horses suffer from nervous tension even when at home, while others get worried by travel or competition. No horse will give its best if it is tense and anxious, so Relaxer Herbs should be in every rider's medicine cupboard in case of need.

This is a combination of herbs which have all been used successfully for years for nervous tension. The formula, with Passiflora and Chamomille, also includes herbs that feed and revitalise the motor nerve at the base of the skull and will also feed the spinal cord. They are classed as nervines and they have a relaxing effect without causing drowsiness or affecting performance. They contain no prohibited substances.
“This is the Ultimate Calmer” as it can be used long term or just when needed for competition or racing.

Usage: 1 rounded measure twice a day until the horse begins to calm down and relax, then a maintenance dose of 1 rounded measure per day. 500g tub will last 1 horse for 3 months once on the maintenance dose.

To purchase our products PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE www.collinsonherbs.com to obtain products (offering more payment options) and information. email: collinsonherbs18@gmail.com

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"...I had to write and tell you what a fantastic effect your relaxer herbs had on my young horse. Having been traumatised at one of his first competitions I decided to try him on the Relaxer herbs, after 2 weeks on the herbs he made a major improvement and was well placed at his next show. Not only was he a reformed character at the show but the anxiety that he previously showed throughout the preparation and travelling was greatly reduced, he stood quietly to be plaited and the back of the lorry which previously looked like the Somme battlefield on our return took mere minutes to clean out. Since the show his attitude to work continues to improve daily. Thank you Ellen we are so looking forward to our next outing..." Lucinda McAlpine, Bowhayes Farm. Cullompton Devon

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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