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Sweet itch - The Cure

Ellen Collinson Equine Iridologist and Herbalist

I have been asked by so many people how to treat Sweet itch I have decided to put it on to my web page, it is free advice and hope it benefits a lot of horses and ponies.

First of all go out and find some foxgloves; as many as you can as the lotion will keep, Make sure when you make the lotion that you use the whole plant, flowers, leaves, stem and roots, put into a very large pan, like a jam pan, cover and bring to boil and then simmer for 3-4 hours to get all the properties from the plant

The ‘foxglove’ lotion should be put on and brushed well in for about 3 days, all down the mane, top of tail, and along its back if necessary, and then repeat when necessary, obviously if you have a lot of rain it will wash off so will need re-applying, it can be put on open wounds, where the pony has scratched itself raw, the foxglove lotion does not stop the normal flies very much, it works in the mane, tail and coat where the midges go in to actually bite and suck blood, that is when it is effective, it kills them, if you want to use fly spray as well that is O.K.

It does work extremely well, and remember to help by keeping the pony’s blood cool by giving it boiled nettle juice, with a handful of cleavers in it, in a (much maligned) bran mash with a handful of Epsom salts, at least twice a week, but you can give the nettle juice all the time, either mixed in with some chaff, or soak a small bit of non molassed sugar beat in the nettle/cleaver juice, it really works a treat.

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