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April Upson
Ellen Collinson is an amazing teacher. The work that she continues to do is inspirational. I completed the residential course which had a good balance of theory work in the morning and practical in the afternoon. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly which really helped reduce the nerves while doing assignments. This fantastic insight continues to fascinate me. When not knowing the history of the horse, then being able to pick-up on lameness, behavioral tendencies etc. A skill whether for use on own horses or on a professional level. It is a brilliant skill for improving the welfare of our horses. Thank you Ellen and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

April Upson, Equine Within
West Sussex

Veryl Williams
Four years ago when Faith my friend and Iridologist saved my life, I began researching Equine Iridology.  It was non existent in the states.  Since then there are at least checking 100 Equine Iridologist in the states, all on the other side of the Mississippi.  Most of them trained by a woman in California who created her own charts etc. and no where near the background and education you carry,  there are also many fly by night courses that have suddenly popped up.

I am sure there may be some starting to pop up, but as far as I know I am the only (almost) Equine Iridologist on the East Coast.  I have a great deal of Education in human anatomy and biology, but of course turning it to the Eques world.  My next step as well as continuing to study Iridology is to become certified or licensed as an Equine Compounding Herbalist, to continue studying Equine anatomy and physiology.  To eventually teach, to really teach.  I guess my long trip around the mountain to get to the point...with my being the only Equine Iridologist (almost) this side of the states, there is room and need for a truly and highly educated Ellen Collinson here.  I most certainly desire to be a continued student of Ellen Collinson, to in years to come to teach others to continue on the legacy you have started.  I have done my homework!  I have done the research.  This was my shot and chance, and I studied and researched for a long time.  Money was in very, very short supply, and I had to be careful.  You are the best in the world, and that is why I went with studying under you, the real deal.  The equine world needs you to continue on.  If I am really lucky, before I leave this world, I might reach to a tiny percentage of the level you have attained.  You are the Equine worlds Dr. Jensen.

Your the best, as I said I did my homework!  Not only that, but I can tell you are kind, and your first love is to help horses, and help their people help their horses.  Greed is not at the core of your heart, but love.

Veryl Williams

Bridget Beresford Wright
On 15th October at Oldencraig Taylor Denness, 14 years old scored her first elementary win with 72.41% on her 6 year old 16.2 Negro gelding Amaro O.

"We discovered, thanks to Bridget Beresford Wright, who came an gave an Iridology assessment on 'Timmy' that he suffered from a sugar intolerance, so on Bridget's advice about the 'oat diet' we have started to feed him straights. Today, for the first time at a show he had energy without being uncontrollable, now when he drops the contact I can use my legs without feeling he will explode"

Clare Cannon
My name is Clare Cannon, I believe our mutual friend Janey Alexander has been telling you of the success I have achieved when feeding your herbs. I have used three of your products so far, the sarcoid tincture for a horse with warts around his eye that the vet told me I would never found a cure for. I had to give him two courses but the warts have now shrunk to an insignificant size. I have another horse that had botched surgery prior to coming to me that unfortunately has left his soft palate permanently displaced, he was also suffering pretty bad COPD as result of having foreign bodies getting into his airway. I put him on the respiratory herbs and after some pretty horrible green and yellow discharge he cleared up in about a week. Also last but not least was the horse that Janey probably told you about that fractured his carpal bone at the back of his knee. This little horse I got out of another training yard, the trainer couldn't get a tune out of him and the owners quit on him (they did give him two years), after one run for me he won a point to point by a distance never even coming out of a canter then unfortunately on his next start he got carried out of the race and came back injured with the fracture. Anyway on Janey's advice we put him on your calcium supplement plus a handful of comfrey every night in his feed. The vet told me that the bone would only heal with fibrous tissue therefore on x-ray it will always looked fractured but amazingly it has healed with bone. I have the copy of the x-rays on CD to give to you if you chose to see them or would like to use them.

I am now obviously a great fan of your products and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the effort to put your knowledge into making such a good range of effective products, I appreciate it takes a lot of work, time and expense to bring together knowledge and a passion and make it available to others and I am sure that I am only one of many people that are grateful you have done so. Also I find your articles on your website very informative especially the one about the oat and alfa-a diet.

Roger Meacock MRCVS
An overview is basically a 2 yr old gelding got an infection in a fore fetlock and tendon sheath that didn't respond to antibiotics - 2 x long courses of special ones too! In mid-December he was given only 3% chance of survival with less chance of being sound let alone competing as a well-bred show jumper. After 2 tubs of AntiB combined with distant bioresonance treatment and remedies he is completely sound. The regular vets are amazed and had asked when he had been shot as they weren't expecting a recovery. The infection burst out a couple of time and manuka honey was used topically and within a poultice. I have no doubt that the AntiB provided the necessary stimulation to the immune system to help the body cope with the infection and prevented any spread of infection to other joints.

Dear Ellen,
I feel I must email you with regard to your work on my mare Dolly. The mare had been put on the back burner for over a year due to injury and I must admit I was somewhat in denial of whether she ever would be any kind of a riding horse again, but fate brought you to me and after your findings by what appeared to me a very unusual way of diagnosis (iridology) and the fact that you prefered not to know the horses history I can honestly say for me was mind blowing, not only did you locate the sight of injury but also where a secondary condition was manifesting and was compounding the initial problem, you assured me that although the injury would never go there was actually no damage to the joint, which as you now know was my major concern. You as you may recall advised some osteopathic work on the secondary back condition and assured me that Dolly was in fact otherwise very well, This and this is where I thank you most, gave me the confidence to face the fact that Dolly would never be certifiably sound but that she could still make a perfectly good hack/fun horse. So just to let you know for your records the osteopath came and confirmed that the stifle joint was actually fine although would always be somewhat compromised by the actual injury. She also found and confirmed the secondary back condition that through her manipulations and my continued suppling excersises has given me back my riding horse and one that I am confident to push. So thanks again Ellen and I am happy to promote your work to anyone, especially to those of us that live in rural France and have little or no access to modern diagnostic tools short of travelling the hundreds of kilometres to the nearest horse hospital. All that information by looking in a horse's eye, I for one am impressed.

Yours Karen Osborne
Fressanges 87160 Arnac La Poste

Iridology - Mary Henley-Smithn
I was introduced to Iridology by one of Ellen’s trained and qualified Iridologists in 2008 when I was rehabilitating ex-racehorses and re-training them for another career in life. I was instantly fascinated by how much this subject could tell me about the horses in my care and knew that I immediately needed to find out more, I contacted Ellen Collinson and enrolled on the course.

The course is very well structured and teaches you step by step how to understand what is there showing in the horses eye, and reveals how much you can find out about your horse in order to help to heal and rehabilitate the animal, and avoid future problems. It still amazes me now how incredibly consistent and accurate the information can be and it helps me every day with these horses in my job to prepare them mentally and physically for a different job in life.

Due to my busy schedule it took me a year to finish the course. It was a great learning curve and it is now helping me to give these horses and others a much better chance at living a healthy and fulfilling career. Some go on to be dressage horses, some long distance/pleasure rides, some event horses and many just very pleasurable hacks but all leave here very healthy as a result of what I can discover through the Iridology and I often wonder where I would be if I had not had the privilege of being introduced to such a worth while and fascinating subject.

It is totally non-intrusive and one of the best diagnostic tools I have ever discovered. It helps me every day to do my job here better. Mary Henley-Smith BHSII & BHS.SM
Yard Manager at
Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre

Ted Walsh
Greenhills, Naas. Co. Kildare

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Ellen Collinson's expertise in Iridology and herbal remedies, both of which I have used when I felt it necessary"

Jenny Curtis
Dear Ellen,

As you know, we have been using your NoVerms herbal wormer for some time with excellent results, especially as one of our event horses is allergic to chemicals but the reason I am writing to you is to thank you so much for introducing us to two of your products - the Circulation Tonic and the Kidney herbs.

Unfortunately last september, one of our shetland ponies was extremely poorly, at first we thought it was another bout of laminitis but we soon realised that it was a lot more serious.Her left shoulder kept on clicking and then dislocating and she was finding it extremely difficult to move forward. The vet put her on a long course of bute but this did not really alleviate the pain and discomfort she was in. I talked to Ellen about the pony's problems, especially as her health was deteriorating with exceptionally cold weather in December and Ellen suggested we try her Circulation Tonic. We have never seen such a vast improvement in her condtion in just five days - unbelievable! Our pony started trotting out to the paddock, on the concrete yard, where before she could hardly move. She was so much happier - trotting around the paddock and then cantering and bucking as well! The Tonic has given her a new lease of life.

We also have cause for celebration, as once again Ellen's Kidney Herbs have proved to be invaluable in helping Suzie, our 17 hand event horse, who had been written off by the vet, as lazy and we should get after her with a bigger crop and put on bigger spurs. She just did not want to go forward and would just run out of energy. We finally asked Ellen to visit the yard in December and in using iridology,she could determine that Suzie had a lot wrong with her. We used Blood Detox Herbs and the Kidney Herbs with excellent results, Suzie actually could move forward! As soon as she started to look stilted and crabby behind, we started her on another course of Kidney Herbs and now she is flying! After her first dressage lesson this year, she is like a different horse, we never knew she could go so well. Once again Ellen's herbs have really worked, if only we had used them years ago!

Many thanks again for all your help,
Kind regards
Jenny Curtis

Amanda and Mark Perrett
Coombelands Racing Stables. Pulborough

“I have used Ellen Collinson’s herbal products and employed her system of Iridology for several years, and have found them to work with good results. I have found the Respiratory treatment very effective in preventing and curing respiratory problems and the Anti-B treatment a strong and reliable Antibiotic.”

Jeremy Noseda
Shalfleet, Bury Road, Newmarket

“ I have used Ellen Collinson’s services as an iridologist and have also used her herbal products, and found the Digestive Bitters to be excellent in the case of poor appetites or weak digestion”

Ann Duffield
Sun Hill Racing Stables, Constable Burton. Leyburn "I have used several of the products from the Ellen Collinson Herbal Products range and have been very pleased with the results. The product that I have been using recently is the Anti-B. I have used this as an alternative to Antibiotics on horses that had coughs and respiratory problems. I have found the results excellent; the horses stopped coughing within 4-5 days of being given the herbs and there is no withdrawal period. I am happy to recommend this product"

David Barker
Greenbury Grange, Scorton, Richmond

Micheal Dods
Denton Hall, Richmond. Yorkshire

"I am happy to endorse Ellen Collinson’s Superimmune, the horses come out each spring firing on all cylinders"

Jim J. Fitzgerald
Knockgriffin Farm, Paris. Kentucky.

"Ellen Collinson has advised and helped with regard to Iridology and Herbal products at my stud for a number of years. The overall health of the horses treated with these products improved with far less side effects from conventional medications."

"We had good results with the reproductive herbs on a few mares who had difficulty conceiving or maintaining pregnancy."

"The young stock (foals and weanlings) all received respiratory herbs and Anti B and we found this course of treatment dramatically reduced the number of sick animals from upper respiratory related illness." "The combination of herbs and iridology plus a revised diet greatly enhance the health and well being of our stock .

Ian Semple
Belstane Stables, Carluke, Lanarkshire

"I am very pleased to endorse both the Iridology and the Herbal products, especially the Relaxer herbs & Special 'B' respiratory herbs".

Olympic dressage rider Kirsty Mepham praises Ellen Collinson Herbal Products

"At first, I was sceptical about using Herbal Bute and Kidney Herbs form the Ellen Collinson Herbal Products Ltd. range for Dikiloo my horse I took to the Sydney Olympic Games as I was cautious about feeding him anything different.

I was recommended to use them following a consultation with Ellen Collinson, the equine Iridologist. Ellen identified that Dikiloo had a blockage on his left side, around the kidney area. She asked me if he was sore in that area and also if he was a 'bit short' on the left when ridden. I confirmed both these observations. As she had so accurately described him without ever seeing him move, I decided to give the herbs a go.

The course of Kidney Herbs and Herbal Bute lasted a month, but I noticed the difference within a few days. Dikiloo has become looser and has more energy. He also looks fantastic. Dikiloo is now getting ready for the National Finals in a few days time and I feel he really is up to the job."

'Lights and Music' makes astonishing recovery.

Des O'Neil, a well known publisher in the Irish racing scene and a member of the 'Neighbours Racing Club' in Co. Meath has something quite extraordinary to say about Equine iridologist Ellen Collinson and one of her products, Herbal Bute.

"Lights and Music was one of three horses the ‘Neighbours Racing Club’ syndicate own. He won on his second time out at Gowran Park but then he fractured his pedal bone whilst training. The veterinary opinion was that there was over a 90% chance that Lights and Music would never be sound enough again, let alone be able to race."
"I had heard about Ellen Collinson form friends within the racing industry. Some of them trainers, they had told me of this incredible lady who practiced Iridology and was an outstanding herbalist. I called her and asked her to come and see 'Lights' and he agreed. She recommended rest and Herbal Bute. She said that it would take time, but she believed the horse would come right. Lights was only four. After 6 months, Lights was sound. Within a year he was racing again. This year, as a six year old he won at the Fairyhouse festival and won again at the Punchestown festival."

"I strongly believe that without Ellen and her Herbal Bute, Lights and Music would never have raced again."

Kerry Weisselberg

"Ellen first came to my yard in 2002 and checked two of my horses. Feeding: thanks to her advice, I took my-horses off haylage and back on to hay (less digestive upsets, less chance of acidity, ulcers, etc.), I took them off all compound feeds and put them on to soaked whole oats, which they love (haven't wasted a mouthful since, plus my hard-feed bill for the yard has plummeted.) I feed the soaked oats with and Alfalfa chaff, in differing amounts depending on workload, attitude of horse, etc, with unmolassed sugar beet."

"Worming: I took Ellen's advice and bought a tub of her Parasite-Out , this cost £26 and I was able to do three big horses and two youngsters. They all ate it up with no problems at all, but a couple of weeks later I had some pangs of doubt (after all, it wasn't a drug, so maybe it was ineffective...) so I asked my vet to do faecal worm counts and blood test counts on all 5 horses, the results came back as zero worm count for every horse (all different care, some with me since birth, others only for a few months); 2 had traces of old tapeworms, now zero. My vet concluded by saying that I would not need to worm, or test, the horses for a year." I have been very happy with the changes I have made in the management of my horses, based upon Ellen's advice, and the horses have never looked better."

Jenny Curtis

"Dear Alex (distributor for Dog & Cat products),

As you know, we have been using Ellen's herbal products for our horses with great success and, when we needed help with one of our many tamed farm cats [ probably over twenty at the last count!], we asked you for help, after the vet told us the best thing would be to put her to sleep - no way! She had an upper respiratory infection, exacerbated by losing a canine tooth. Even though we had a course of anti-biotics for her, she still had an awful discharge from the nose, after the course. So we tried Ellen's Anti-B for ten days and the discharge completely disappeared. She has gradually picked up and is now trotting around the yard, with a new lease of life [ she must be quite an old cat, as we have been here nine years and she looked like a grandmother, when we arrived here!]. Her coat is looking much healthier as well!

Once again Ellen's herbal products have really worked. It definitely was not time for her to go!

Also I would like to say how good the Herbal Bute capsules are for dogs. We have an eight year old German Shepherd, who has hip problems and since being on them, is skipping around the garden again!

Thanks again for your help, Alex (distributor for Dog & Cat products)."

Julia Raikes of Polite Dressage Horses in Tichborne, Hampshire

I have been using Ellen Collinson's wonderfully effective NoVerms since she started marketing it, it is truly exciting to be able to remove all parasites without having to resort to chemicals, and to have NO build up of resistance.

Jennifer Blenkiron
Chillington Farm, Codsall Wood, Wolverhampton

Dear Ellen, Please find enclosed a copy of both my horses worm count records, I have been using NoVerms for over 18 months and as you will see from the Vets report both horses are nil. My vet was so impressed he rang to ask what I had been using. Thank you so much and good luck.

Linda Beaney
Hollypark Organics, East Sussex

Having recently used your product I felt that I had to contact you concerning the use on goats, even though I found it through an equine source. I have had a keen interest in herbal medicine over many years so had to give it a try! I can enthusiastically recommend the use of NoVerms on goats.

Lucinda McAlpine
Bowhayes Farm. Cullompton Devon

I had to write and tell you what a fantastic effect your relaxer herbs had on my young horse. Having been traumatised at one of his first competitions I decided to try him on the Relaxer herbs, after 2 weeks on the herbs he made a major improvement and was well placed at his next show. Not only was he a reformed character at the show but the anxiety that he previously showed throughout the preparation and travelling was greatly reduced, he stood quietly to be plaited and the back of the lorry which previously looked like the Somme battlefield on our return took mere minutes to clean out. Since the show his attitude to work continues to improve daily. Thank you Ellen we are so looking forward to our next outing.

Angela Watson-Wright
Kerflech, Plelauff, France

Dear Ellen, Many thanks for sending the herbs, my Dutch friends stallion is responding well to the liver herbs.

Debbie Hughes
Ty'rHeol Farm Pantybrad. Tonyrefail. Wales

Dear Ellen, I felt I must write to thank you for the help you and your products have been in helping one of our mares to firstly conceive and then carry to full term and produce a beautiful filly foal. The story started in 2004 when this particular mare foaled in March and was sent to be covered by a stallion in England, was covered 3 times, scanned in foal at 14 days but not in foal at 30 days and was dirty when examined. She came home and was treated by vets with a series of tests and procedures to put her ready for the following spring to be covered. This time she went to Ireland, she was covered on no fewer than 4 occasions and the same thing happened as the previous year, the vets bills were extensive but the results the same. She returned home and we had our vet go through her with a fine toothcomb and even consulted a prominent Professor from Newmarket. We carried out all suggestions and readied her for the 2006 covering season. We sent her to a stud in the Midlands where she performed in the same way, a prominent equine reproduction veterinary surgeon got involved at this stage and threw the book at her, but really only carrying out the same procedures as before. Twice she showed in foal at 14 days but at the 30 days the mare was empty.

It was at this stage I saw your advert in the Racing Post for problem mares. We called you and gave you the details and you sent us your Mare Corrective herbs, we fed them until she was covered and for 14 days until she was scanned, then we put her onto your Full Term, which she stayed on throughout her pregnancy until delivering a filly foal this May. This year we gave her the mare corrective herbs for 7 days and she was covered on her foaling heat, we also put our other mares on the herbs and all mares are scanned in foal. We spent over £6,000 on vets bills trying to get this mare in foal and with your products we spent £240 and we have 4 mares in foal and a foal at foot. I cannot speak highly enough of your products. Thanks again.

Hughie Morrison, Arthur Moore, Peter Bowen, Tim Fitzgerald, Tim and Mick Easterby, Ferdy Murphy, Richard Hannon, Enda Bolger, Oliver Mckiernan, Seamus Neville, and many other trainers have found the benefit of both the iridology and the herbal products.

We make no medicinal claims. Our products are simply to benefit the body towards natural health

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