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Maureen Keller, Illinois, U.S.A. is now teaching my school of equine iridology
Ellen Collinson School of equine iridology hosted by Tranquil Companion, enrolling for September classes.

Iridology is one of the most beneficial and rewarding Sciences one can learn. It is a safe, painless and non intrusive form of diagnosis, via the study of the iris using magnification. In this way inherited genetic strength and weaknesses as well as tendencies towards certain organ / system dysfunction may be ascertained. Professional iridologists agree that anacute, subacute, chronic and degenative conditions of the body are all reflected in the iris. Iridology is now part of curriculum for many colleges, including the medical schools in Moscow and in the medical Department of the University of Paris Nord.

Ellen Collonson's School of equine iridology is now being offered in the United States hosted by Tranquil Companion.

Certification can be completed in as little as five days. Curriculum includes four levels of training with practicals at the end of each day, books are included. We offer certification, lifetime mentorship, advice and tools for setting up your own practice as well as listing on Tranquil Companion and the Ellen Collinson's School of equine iridology resource page and website.

For enrollment information go to www.tranquilcompanion.com email: tranquilcompanion7@gmail.com

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